Help a witchy Bearemy prepare for a spooky party in the Build-A-Monster game! Combine strange potions of different colors and watch what happens!

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Experiment with colors and special potions with Bearemy in the Build-A-Monster game! You have received a special invitation to step inside a witchy laboratory, where Bearemy is preparing for the Kooky Spooky Bear Bash, a celebration held inside a haunted mansion. It's going to be so much fun!

However, our Build-A-Bear friend needs a costume to fit this occasion. Can you help him create a special potion to change his look?

The game consists of a color-mixing challenge. Pick two of the five different colored potions, mix them together, and watch our hero's transformation. You can never know what the result will be!

How to Play

Believe it or not, anybody can become a talented potion master with this game! You don't need to know anything about chemistry. However, you'll need to practice color combinations if you want to succeed. Nevertheless, your mouse is the only tool you'll need to create Bearemy's elixir. Just click on two of the five potions and see what happens!

Do you know how color theory works? You'll have the chance to learn or remember what happens when you mix two basic colors together. Then, you can watch them transform inside Bearemy's cauldron! You have the chance to combine primary colors, like red, yellow, and green, as well as some secondary colors, green and purple. Experiment and see what happens!

While you're in the spooky lab, don't forget to check out the background! You'll come across many interesting animals, such as black cats and owls, strange objects, and bizarre ingredients. Hover your cursor over them to watch some fun animations!

Can you find Bearemy's dream look? You'll watch him transform into a mummy, a butterfly, a frog, and even Frankenstein. However, what he really wants is different! Click on the hint in the top left corner of the screen to find out what colors you need to mix!

If you manage to get the desired look, you'll get to enjoy the party with Bearemy!