Black Lab Screen Pal

Hang out with an adorable pup in Bearemy's Kennel Pals: Black Lab Screen Pal game! Now you can play, sing, and even do math with your new digital pet!

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Play the Bearemy's Kennel Pals: Black Lab Screen Pal game if you want to hang out with an adorable pet friend! If you have a dog, you know how fun it can be to play with them, teach them new tricks, and much more. However, sometimes you might not have the time or the space for a dog. Luckily, your friends from Build-A-Bear have your back!

This game allows you to enjoy the company of a pup. However, you won't need to go through all the trouble of cleaning up and all the responsibility. Enter the universe of Bearemy and his friends from the kennel to learn about the love of a puppy!

How to Play

Before you start playing with your new friend, the black lab, wake him up by clicking on him! Do you notice what he is dreaming about while asleep? Our four-pawed friend loves human food, hates cats, and enjoys bones. Click on him to start playing!

Next, it's time to name your new friend! His original name is Blackie, but you can also change it according to your tastes. As is the case with adopted puppies, the name is up to you! You can even see the new name appear on the dog's collar.

Do you see the three objects in front of your new pal? Click on any of them to see the dog interact with them! You'll love to see him chew on some slippers, his favorite bone, or some delicious snacks. Yummy!

There's more you should know!

Check out the red buttons on the left side of the screen! With a few simple clicks, you can watch your dog perform some special tricks. For instance, your lab will roll over, give you doggie kisses, and even sing you a fun tune.

Besides, you can even practice your maths skills by asking your new friend to bark the answers to some additions. How impressive!

You can spend as much time as you want with your new pet. Try as many interactions as you want, because your friend will never get bored!

Having a dog in real life is a great experience, but having a digital pet is even better! There are a lot of opportunities to learn and have fun with Bearemy and his kennel pals. Stop hesitating and join in!

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