Border Collie Screen Pal

Adopt a digital puppy from the Build-A-Bear kennels in the Border Collie Screen Pal game! Name him, feed him, and have fun with your new furry pal!

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About Border Collie Screen Pal Game

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The Build-A-Bear puppy cannot wait to become your friend in the Border Collie Screen Pal game! As a playful, loving, and energetic companion, the adorable pup will grow on you quickly! He'll try to entertain you, give you affection and teach you something useful! Will you take on the lovely puppy?

Your role is to name your new puppy, feed him, play with him and maybe even receive some doggie kisses! Your new furry pal is going to make sure you're never lonely! It's time for some fun shenanigans with your Screen Pal!

How to Play

To interact with your puppy, use the mouse. You can click the various buttons or items on the floor to activate an action. But first, you should name your new pal. Once you do, you're free to engage in any activity with your puppy! He's a playful fellow, so don't hold back from the fun!

The things you can do with your doggie vary from caring for him or feeding him to playing with toys and singing! There won't be a minute of boredom with this playful pup! For example, you can click the Watch Me Play button to watch him run after the ball or dance around a butterfly! If you're looking for an educational activity instead, you can also learn to add with your new puppy!

Lastly, the three items in front of your new pal will make him happy, so interact with them as much as possible! You can throw the bone for him to catch or give him the fluffy slippers! However, you can always feed him a few yummy snacks if you feel generous!

Are you ready to take care of and play with your adorable new puppy? Make your new digital pal woof with happiness!

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