Baseball Bears: Batting Challenge

Practice your reflexes and accuracy with the Baseball Bears: Batting Challenge game! Pitch, swing, and win for your team of cuddly Buil-A-Bears!

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Find out if you'd be a good baseball pitcher with the Baseball Bears: Batting Challenge game!

Have you ever tried the most beloved American sport? In the company of the pals from the Build-A-Bear Workshop, you can practice and improve your athletic skills from the comfort of your home. Fans of baseball will love this game, while novices will learn about the charm of this sport.

The game consists of 9 rounds, where each one consists of 3 throws. Therefore, you have 27 chances to prove you have lightning-fast reflexes! Start practicing, and don't worry if you fail at first! Soon enough, the bears will help you go pro!

How to Play

Before you can start playing, make sure you write in your name. Besides, you also choose the team you want. There are three options at your disposal: Curly Teddies, Friendly Frogs, and the Velvet Puppies. Just pick your favorite and prepare to become a star pitcher!

Can you believe that you don't need any equipment? All you have to do is use your mouse. On top of that, the game is easy to play. Do you see the button and the meter in the lower-left corner of the screen? Focus your attention there!

First, you have to pitch! The height of the throw depends on the Pitch Meter. Namely, if you push the pitch button when the meter is at the very top, you'll throw a very high ball. On the contrary, if you pitch when the meter is low, you'll perform a grounder. If you're looking for the perfect pitch, try to push the red button when the bar is right in the middle.

Next, you'll have to swing! It's a good idea to keep your eyes on the ball, as there can be a slight delay between pitching and striking. To perform this action, all you have to do is push the same button when the ball reaches the player in front of you. Have you noticed that the Pitch button turns into a Swing button after throwing the ball?

What else you should know

After each attempt, you'll receive a score, depending on your pitch and your strike. It's all about the height of your throw and the timing of the batter!

Each one of your attempts will get a score from 0 to 30. By the end, you'll receive a final score and find out if you beat your latest record.

Keep practicing with the Build-A-Bear teams, and you'll improve your skills in no time! Even if you don't, you'll have a ton of fun with our cuddly friends!