The Love Nest

Play the Love Nest game and experience a romantic adventure while searching for true love! Complete all the challenges and find your bear prince!

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About The Love Nest Game

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Explore the Build-A-Bear romantic house and find your true love amongst other bears in the Love Nest game! Bears are knowingly affectionate and require quite a lot of kisses and hugs. Love is in the air, and the legend says that every bear can find its soulmate in the Love Nest! Will you test it out?

Your goal in this game is to complete all the minigames, reach the last room in the Love Nest house and find true love! The challenges are unique and will make the romantic in you come to life. They will eventually lead you to the final room where your prince hides!

How to play this game

You only need your mouse to play this game. Each minigame has its instructions, so you will need to adapt! After finishing one game, you can move on to the next room by guiding your bear towards the exit. Once you reach the last room, you'll have to find your bear prince!

The Love Nest welcomes you with open arms, but you must pass every stage to move on. Here are some of the challenges: 

- Hearts in the Honey: bite the required number of cookies that float in the warm pot of honey before the time runs out

- The Love Bandit: don't get caught by the love bandit and collect all the hearts scattered around the room

- Heart Drop: collect all the hearts and bonuses dropped by the cupid, then dunk them in the big basket to earn points

At the end of your journey, you will enter a room full of frogs! Your prince has been bewitched and turned into Frog Charming. Each frog has a twin, except for your future soulmate. Find him amongst them and give him the true love's kiss! It just takes a few frog smooches to find your Bear Charming!

Love is in the air in the Love Nest, and all these fun challenges will help you feel it! Are you ready to find your bear soulmate?

What else you should know 

There are mysteries scattered around the Love Nest, but the most important one is the secret password! You can obtain this password by completing every game. Use it to skip stages and play your favorite game, or try to find your prince again!

Are the challenges too fast for you? No problem! Every bear has its own pace! Change yours by selecting the difficulty and the speed of each level. Try to use this feature to your advantage and complete all the fun minigames in your rhythm.

So are you ready to face the trials of true love and find your Bear Charming? Nothing can hold you back, not even a few frogs!