The First Thanksgiving 1621

Join the Build-A-Bear Workshop pals for a historical event in The First Thanksgiving 1621 game! Can you find all the modern objects in the scene?

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Play The First Thanksgiving 1621 game to learn about history while having fun with your pals from Build-A-Bear Workshop!

Do you know the origin of America's most beloved holiday? If not, there is no better way to learn than in the company of a bunch of adorable brown teddy bears. They have put together a scene meant to represent the essence of this famous holiday. Are you ready for an entertaining history lesson?

The game consists of a puzzle that will require your full attention. Can you find all the modern elements in the colorful Thanksgiving scene? You'll get valuable and appropriate information every step of the way. Prove your detective skills while accompanying Bearemy and his pals!

How to Play

Before you start, read the text on the screen to learn about the very first Thanksgiving! You'll learn about the Pilgrims, the Wampanoag Indians, and the relationship between them. For instance, the natives helped the newcomers survive the winter by sharing their food supply. To celebrate their newly found friendship, they organized a three-day feast in 1621. Luckily, you're invited too!

The picture in front of you represents one of the best moments of that historical party. However, there are twelve objects that don't belong at the Build-A-Bear party. Look closely at every detail in the scene and find out what doesn't fit in the year 1621!

Every object you find will give you the chance to learn more about the Pilgrims and the Indians. Read the short text on the screen to find out when the modern object was invented and how our ancestors have managed to live their lives without them.

For example, the Pilgrims used to salt and dry their foods to preserve them, as they didn't have cans or fridges. It's so interesting to think about the past!

What else you should know

Even if you click on the wrong object, you shouldn't worry! A text box will appear, explaining why and how the protagonists of the first Thanksgiving used that object or ate that type of food.

You can see how many objects you have guessed so far and how many are left by glancing at the upper right corner of the screen. 

Pay close attention to every detail if you want to succeed in this game! There are many elements to check out; some of them might even be moving or hidden in the background. You can only find them all if you have a good eye for detail!

Now you can learn about American history and have a blast with the teddies from Build-A-Bear!