Beary Fast Bears

Race against the other bears and pass the finish line first in the Beary Fast Bears game! Pick your vehicle, drive fast and avoid hitting any obstacles!

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About Beary Fast Bears Game

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The Build-A-Bear heroes are ready for a high-speed race in the Beary Fast Bears game! Officer Curly, Construction Bear, Sailor Bear, and their friends want to compete and see who is the fastest to cross the finish line! Only the best racer bear will win! Who will you root for?

Your goal is to choose a bear and race the others to the finish line while collecting points and avoiding damaging your car! You can prove your driving skills and impress the other bears by claiming victory in this beary race!

How to Play

You will need your keyboard to drive your ride. First, you must pick your favorite vehicle and fuzzy driver. The type of car you choose won't affect your speed or ability to move, so feel free to take any role you want! Then, use your Left and Right arrow keys to steer your car from side to side and the Spacebar to accelerate.

At the same time, you must avoid driving into potholes or running into other cars. These two actions will break your vehicle, which you can see on the damage meter at the bottom of your screen. Once it's red, you'll have to make a pit stop on the side of the road and repair the car. However, repairing your vehicle is not mandatory as it will continue to go, but it will affect your final score.

Each round has five laps, and points will be awarded whenever you complete the loop. During the race, you can collect stars and hearts, which add five hundred points to your final score. However, try not to hit too many obstacles, or your damage points will be subtracted from your high score.

Are you ready to become the best bear racer and impress all your friends? Rev up the engine, and let's go!