Bakugan Games

Practice your tactics and agility in the realm of Vestroia with the Bakugan Games! Pair up with an epic creature and win duels to become the best brawler!

Get in it to win it!

Enter the world of Bakugan Games to experience thrilling battles and epic adventures! What kid wouldn't like to form a close bond with monsters from another realm, then join forces and battle evil?

If you ever wanted to become a hero, look no further than this category. You're going to enter ruthless training, where you'll develop your agility and tactical abilities in the company of powerful creatures from the realm of Vestroia!

Since its launch in 2007, the Bakugan series created by Mitsuo Hashimoto stood out from other anime series thanks to a clever idea. More precisely, it introduced a card game that kids loved from the first moment!

Any fan could build a bond with an epic and powerful creature from another realm by buying the toy and card set. Now, all that's left to do is find a friend that you can duel!

Once you enter the world of Bakugan, you only have to follow one rule: you're in it to win it! Brave kids want to become brawlers by collecting as many Bakugans as possible. However, to gain respect and add new creatures to your collection, you must win against other trainers in Bakugan City.

What is more, disease and destruction threaten the existence of Bakugans. Can you win against all the odds?

Meet the epic heroes and their fierce foes!

Dan Kouzo is the dark-haired protagonist of the series that everybody knows and loves! His passion for Bakugan and his ambition to become the best brawler guide the steps of our hero.

Sadly, his rash personality and rush to act before he thinks can become barriers in his journey! Therefore, our hero needs the influence of his guardian Bakugan, Dragonoid.

Known as the most powerful Bakugan, Dragonoid is a leader in the true sense of the word. Not only is he a giant fiery dragon, but he also boasts brilliant intelligence and wisdom. As you can imagine, his traits will help him guide Dan in his quest to be the best brawler.

Nevertheless, Drago has a mission of his own: he needs to free his people from the villains that wish to destroy Vestroia! Experience his incredible abilities in a battle among the clouds with the Bakugan Firepower game!

Aren't you curious about what our heroes have to face? Unfortunately, many Bakugans have become corrupted by the V virus and become villains. By far, Tiko is the fiercest. Because of his great power, he'll be a challenging foe to bring down.

Besides, he can manipulate those around him in his hunger for power and destruction. If you can defeat him and cure his infection, you'll discover a new side of him. Save him and the entire realm in The Great Battle game!

Dan has to face other brawlers too! For instance, Masquerade belongs to the Darkus faction and shares the body with an innocent girl called Alice. Yikes! This mysterious villain will do anything to become the best brawler and acquire the most powerful Bakugan. Try to stop him in The Final Brawl game!

Develop your tactics and agility with Bakugan Games!

Each friend and foe you'll meet in this thrilling journey will teach you a lesson. And this should help you become a better brawler. Because each duel and enemy is different, you'll learn how to adapt on the spot! Besides, because the game involves cards, there's a touch of luck every time you play.

Like Dan, you might make impulsive decisions and rush into action on your first try. However, you'll learn in time that a smart strategy can win against brute strength. Do you feel ready for your first fight? Practice your skills in a challenge inspired by real-life duels with the Bakugan Duel game!

Besides a good strategy, a Bakugan brawler also needs sharp reflexes and lightning speed. Sometimes things happen so quickly that there's little time to hesitate! Therefore, you'll have to move sharply and precisely to gain the upper hand in a one-on-one battle.

Luckily, you'll have a chance to improve your hand-eye coordination with the challenges in this category. Even if you fail at first, keep practicing to improve your patience!

Now you know enough to become a master brawler with the Bakugan Games! If you keep exploring, you'll find even more heroic characters and creatures with awe-inspiring designs. With so many adrenaline-raising confrontations and adventures, you'll never have a dull afternoon again!

There are currently 13 free online Bakugan games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.