Bakugan Duel

Experience the adrenaline rush of real confrontations in the arena with the Bakugan Duel game! Roll the ball, charge your energy, and then strike your foe!

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About Bakugan Duel Game

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Experience a breath-taking competition in the world of Bakugan Brawlers with the Bakugan Duel game! If you've ever played with Bakugan toys and cards in real life, you'll love to know that you can enjoy a version of these thrilling battles on your PC. Even if you haven't tried such a battle before, now you have the chance to experience this epic and innovative game.

The game consists of a series of confrontations against many powerful Bakugans. To beat them, you'll have to prevail in a turn-based duel. Use agility, precision, and tactical thinking to win against dangerous enemies. Pick one of the available Bakugans, like Fangzor, Garganoid, Gorthion, or Hydorous, and let's start the battle!

How to Play

Like in real life, the first step of every battle is throwing the Bakuganball in the arena! Click on the ball, then drag your cursor and release the mouse button. Try mimicking the movement of throwing a ball in real life! However, you shouldn't take too much time preparing the perfect throw! If the timer on the bottom of the screen runs out, you lose your turn.

Try your best to land on one of the silver areas in the battle area! These places are called Bakucores, and they'll grant you bonus points for the entire duration of the battle. What can be better than starting the duel with an advantage?

Waste no time and start charging up your Bakugan's energy! To do so, click quickly and repeatedly on your Bakugan or the green button on the screen. After the Bakugan's meter fills up, choose one of the three actions: increase B-points, defend, or attack. If you move quickly, you can even fill up the bar one more time and perform another action. How cool!

There's more you should know!

Once you have filled up your bar and performed an action, your turn is over. Stand back and watch the effect of your moves on your opponent! If your strategy is successful, your Bakugan will deal damage points to the foe, depleting their health bar.

However, if your opponent is more powerful, you'll lose valuable health points after they make their move. Ouch, that hurt!

This game stands out because it allows you to become a Bakugan Brawler! Earn B-points by completing daily achievements, then use them to unlock new Bakugan for your collection. Can you become the champion of the arena?

You'll have a blast living the life of Dan Kouzo and other famous brawlers! Stop hesitating and head out into your first duel! With some strategy and a little luck, you'll prevail!