The Final Brawl

Prove that you are a brilliant tactician on the battlefield in The Final Brawl game! Combine the cards with your Bakugan's power to defeat any opponent!

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About The Final Brawl Game

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Use the powers of your Bakugan and some extra spells and abilities to prevail in The Final Brawl game! Training with friends is the first step Dan Kuso must take if he wants to go up against fiercer enemies, like Masquerade.

To control the powers of his guardian Bakugan, Drago, he needs to learn how to use spells to enhance the dragon's moves. Will you attack or defend this round?

The game consists of multiple rounds that will put you face to face with some of the fiercest Bakugan Brawlers and their monsters. In each round, you can use one card and one action then it's your opponent's turn to do the same. Combine the two strategically to prove your skill as a true master of Bakugan battles!

How to Play

Despite seeming a little complicated at first sight, Bakugan battles are easy once you get the hang of it. At the beginning of each round, decide if you want to attack or defend yourself. Now, look at one of the three cards in front of you. Each has a different spell that you can use to your advantage.

Think of each card as a spell! You can use them to increase your attack power, gain extra health points, or enhance your defenses for the respective turn. Choose the one that fits your strategy, then prepare your next move!

Now, it's time to decide if you want to attack or defend for this round! Choose one of the two actions by clicking the icons in the menu in the bottom right corner of the screen!

In case you choose an attack, each Bakugan has a few actions that they can perform to hit their opponent. However, remember that powerful hits take a few turns to recharge!

There's more you should know!

A round will end when either your energy bar or your opponent's bar becomes empty. If you want to beat the most powerful foes, learn to switch between attacks and defense seamlessly!

The main challenge in this tournament is that each opponent has different spells and abilities. Therefore, you'll have to adapt your strategy while on the go.

Besides, the random three cards you get in each round add an element of luck to the equation. Take all the factors into account and come up with the best tactic to win the final battle brawl against Masquerade!