Battle Boost Arena

Prove your agility and ability to adapt to any situation in the Battle Boost Arena game! Can you use Drago's powers to push the other contestants out?

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About Battle Boost Arena Game

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Practice your skills as a battle brawler in the Bakugan Battle Boost Arena game! To keep your good name in the world of Bakugans, you need to defend your title against contestants. Drago wants to be the only ruler of the arena, so he'll have to succeed in battles against any contenders. Luckily, he has his powers and your help on his side. Let's start the series of confrontations!

The game consists of ten rounds, each introducing an extra enemy compared to the previous. Therefore, you'll have to adapt quickly from facing one enemy to two, three, and more. Keep your cool and fight all the contenders out of the bounds of the arena! Don't let them push you around!

How to Play

Moving around the arena with your Bakugan is simple. All you have to do is press the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys as soon as the battle starts.

However, you should plan your moves carefully! Your opponents will try to corner you, forcing you to step out of the bounds of the arena. To defeat them, you'll have to use your wits to find the most favorable position in any situation.

Are you ready to attack? First, you can try pushing your enemy by moving and bumping into them. Shove them towards the edge of the battlefield, then finish the job by pushing them out! However, sometimes it won't be that easy! 

If multiple Bakugans gang up on you, you'll have to use Drago's special powers to defeat them. Press the B key to activate Drago's Burning Reflector Boost and clear up the area around you. If you do this next to the edge of the arena, you can usually take out multiple opponents at once. Impressive!

There's more you should know!

Another trick you can use is called the Dragon Hummer Power Boost. This move is perfect for when you need a little extra force to get out of a sticky situation. To activate it, simply hold the Space Bar for as much as you need.

Keep in mind that all the special moves require energy to work! Therefore, you should always check the energy bar at the top of the screen before planning your next move.

Each round is over when you're the last Bakugan standing in the arena! Remember that the stakes are very high! Losing a single match will make you restart the tournament from the first round. Yikes!

However, if you practice your agility and precision, you'll manage to be the champion of the Battle Boost Arena!