Bakugan Firepower

Prepare for a thrilling battle in the sky with the Bakugan Firepower game! Are you strong and agile enough to control the powers of Dragonoid or Auxillator?

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About Bakugan Firepower Game

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Join two of your favorite flying creatures in a thrilling battle among the clouds with the Bakugan Firepower game! Can you imagine what it feels like to navigate a gigantic dragon-like creature among flying missiles? 

Now you can experience it on your own skin while fighting some of the fiercest villains in the Bakugan universe. Are you brave enough to win beat them?

The game consists of a race through the sky, where you'll have to take down enemy drones and Bakugans. You should also avoid projectiles unless you want to be taken down by your foes! Only the most agile players will get to the end of this flying confrontation!

How to Play

Flying a Bakugan is easier than you think! All you have to do is use the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys. Luckily, the Bakugan will fire projectiles automatically. Therefore, all you have to do is move to ensure they hit a target.

Speaking of projectiles, you can pick up pieces of the Bakucore to enhance your protagonist's abilities. For instance, you can change up the pattern of your weapon to fire more projectiles that distribute over a wider area!

After trying all the available options, you can remember the colors of the power-ups you like the most. Use them strategically to take down any enemies!

Every once in a while, you'll come across powerful foes you have to face one-on-one. Fangzor and Mantonoid are just a few examples. First, try to observe their movements for a couple of seconds. Then, try your best to find a movement pattern that can take them down swiftly. At the same time, try to stay out of their firing range.

What else you should know

If your defenses are lacking, your energy bar at the top will deplete. When the bar becomes empty, you die and have to restart the game!

However, if you manage to move quickly and use your intelligence, you'll take down many foes! Each one you defeat will earn you B-power. When the bar at the bottom of the screen fills up, you can use a special attack like the Fraction Fusion to obliterate enemies. Activate it by pressing the Space Bar!

Even if you die quickly on your first try, you'll surely improve if you keep practicing with your Bakugan friends! If you're agile and determined, you can gain the necessary skills to become a master.

Control the powers of your Guardian Bakugan and fly into battle with this thrilling challenge!