Bakugan: Power Assault

Try the Bakugan: Power Assault game to help Drogo defeat the Dark Bakugan hoards! Will you clear all the stages without a scratch and keep your foes away?

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About Bakugan: Power Assault Game

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It's time for Drogo to face the Dark Bakugans in an epic fight in the Bakugan: Power Assault game! However, he needs your help to defeat all the foes coming to get him. Do you think you'll manage this challenge? Let's join Drogo and start this adventure!

Your role is to destroy all the Bakugans and advance through all the stages. Strenght will not be the only decisive trait you will need! A strategic mind will be as precious to secure the victory. There is no time to waste! Let's get you ready to face the upcoming dangers.

How to Play

Firstly, you need to know the controls! Use the mouse to move Drogo around and dodge the incoming fire. If you want to attack, press the Left click to launch a projectile. At the same time, you can hold it to increase the power of the attack and send it further away!

Your main task is to defeat all the evil Bakugans and try to dodge everyone's attack! If Drogo takes too many hits, you will lose one life point, and after you lose all three, it's game over.

Don't worry, though! If your reflexes are on point and you can position Drogo in a safe place to not get hit, this challenge will be smooth sailing.

It will be plenty of help for you to defeat the Bakugan hordes! Once the battle begins, you will receive some power-ups from time to time. Here are their effects:

- Defence: a shield to protect you from upcoming attacks for a while.

- Speed: Drogo will start moving faster.

- Health: Your Bakugan's health will instantly regenerate.

- Strength: Drogo's attacks will charge faster while active.

However, you will have to hit them to acquire these powers. Make sure you will not miss them!

It's time to start the fight! How many hoards will you and Drogo defeat? Let's put your skills to the test in a battle full of adrenaline!