Alvin Monster Hunt

Play the Monster Hunt game to fight against the wrath of the slime monsters! Can Alvin, Simon, and Theodore kill the creatures and collect green slime?

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Any fan of Alvin and the Chipmunks must try the Monster Hunt game! If you love these brave little heroes, you'll have a blast going on a slime adventure with them.

The three protagonists are so adorable and fun to be around! Besides, you'll also be able to show your competitive side, as each round of the game will have you play against two other players around the world. Are you excited to give it a try? Just grab your slime gun, don't be shy!

Each run of the game consists of exploring a house filled with various monsters. However, you won't be alone! Two other players will join you, trying to slow you down and collect more green slimes. Who can kill more monsters in 3 minutes? Beat your foes by navigating through the levels of the house swiftly and smartly!

How to Play

After choosing a nickname for your player, you'll be sent to a haunted house filled with slimes. You'll play the role of Alvin, Simon, or Theodore, depending on your luck. Now, it's time to play!

Move your chipmunk by pressing the Left and Right arrow keys. The house has many levels connected through stairs. Just use the Up and Down arrow keys to navigate them. Make sure to take a look at the icon above them to figure out if you'll be traveling up or down!

Get ready to use your gun! The Spacebar allows you to shoot at the monsters and even other players. However, your attack power is limited! Take a glance at the Energy Bar and make sure you don't run out. The energy regenerates whenever you are not in combat!

Watch out for enemies! Other players can stun you by shooting at you. This way, they can steal your hard-earned green slimes from under your nose! Besides, the monsters you shoot at can attack you back. Don't let any of their red slimes hit you, or you'll get slowed down!

There's more you should know!

Now that you know the basics, you'll need to learn some techniques to become a monster hunter champion!  To begin with, make sure you pick up all the bonuses you come across. There are two types: energy boosters and shields. The former will fill up your gun, while the latter will protect you against all attacks for a little while. How useful!

The monsters in this game can be tough to beat! Some of them have powerful armor items, such as caps and helmets. They make them even tougher to beat! Therefore, you'll need to recharge your guns several times to beat them.

What is more, you should also look out for the Monster Rage period! Whenever the timer at the bottom of your screen reaches the red zone, the monsters will become much more aggressive. Hide until it's over, or pick up some boosts and try to beat them!

When the time is up, you can find out if you are the champion slime gatherer! Your final score is based on the total number of slimes, monsters of each type killed, and how much you ran. Are you the best? If not, try again!

You get better the more you play. It's also such a blast to go on a monster hunt with Alvin and the Chipmunks!