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Play the Mission Handy game to lend a much-needed helping hand to the Chipmunks! The three pals haven't done their homework, and David has decided to punish them by taking away their mobile phones. Don't let them die from boredom! Alvin, Simon, and Theodore have devised a genius plan to get back their most prized possessions. Are you brave enough to help them?

The game consists of three parts, each one starring one of the three members of the Chipmunks. Each one will test a different skill, such as intelligence, stealth, and precision. You'll need to complete all of them successfully to prove your worth and get the cell phones. However, you shouldn't worry! Our chipmunk protagonists will be right there beside you, making sure you have a ton of fun!

How to play the game

Are you ready for your first mission? Theodore needs to go past David to reach his next room. However, the Chipmunks' caretaker can be very vigilant. After all, he knows how mischievous and unruly the three adorable protagonists can be! Can you get past him?

You'll need to click on the moving green arrow at the bottom of the screen to make Theo advance. However, you must stop as soon as David starts getting suspicious! Don't rush and take advantage of all the distractions to finish this stage of the game!

Are you ready to solve a puzzle? To open the door that leads to the phones, you need to guess the code. Naturally, Simon is the only one who is smart enough to do it. However, he'll need your help!

Take a close look at the six symbols at the bottom of the screen. To guess the correct combination of four icons, you'll need to try random combinations. After pressing the Check button, pay attention to the color of each symbol. If it's red, it means it doesn't belong in the code at all, while green means that the icon is in the correct position. Whenever you come across a yellow figure, try placing it in another position until it turns green. How fast can you figure out the code?

There's more you should know!

Finally, it's time to join Alvin in his climb toward the cell phones! He will need to use his athletic skills to leap from one shelf to another. Alvin will start jumping automatically. Your job is to give him direction!

Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to do so. Have you noticed that some of the shelves will crumble after being used once? Yikes! Try your best to reach the highest level and collect as many bonuses as possible on the way!

Don't miss out on this game! It gives you the chance to see how the three Chipmunks work together to achieve their mischievous objectives. You can even play it many times, trying to set new records and high scores for each stage of the game. Hurry up and join our three fluffy friends for a thrilling mission!

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