Skateboard Madness

Jump over obstacles and perform tricks in the Skateboard Madness game! How far can you ride in an endless run through Alvin's cluttered house?

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Test your reflexes on Alvin's board with the Skateboard Madness game! Did you know that the lead singer of the Chipmunks is also a talented skateboarder? As you can imagine, it's hard for him to practice every day, with his busy schedule. Therefore, sometimes he goes for a ride in his own house. It will be a very bumpy ride because Alvin and his brother are very messy. They leave their stuff everywhere!

The game consists of an endless run through the cluttered corridors of the Seville household. Jump over all the obstacles you come across! Backpacks, toys, and books are just a few of the things lying around. Can you find a way to use some of these objects to perform tricks? If you bump into anything, you'll lose a life. Avoid mistakes and keep riding for as long as you can!

How to Play

Skateboarding is a challenging sport to master. Thankfully, this game makes it much easier! Alvin will ride forward automatically. All you need to do is jump at the right moment! To do it, just press the left-click at the right moment. It sounds so easy! However, you'll need a lot of coordination and sharp reflexes to be a skilled rider. 

Who left this here? You won't believe how many objects just lie around in the Seville house. There are musical instruments, sports equipment, toys, books, and bags everywhere! Jump at the right moment to avoid bumping into them. Don't be afraid to ride over them! You can even leap from one to the other. Performing tricks is the best part of skateboarding!

How far can you go? You'll notice that Alvin will increase his speed as you advance through the run. Each meter you travel without hitting anything counts towards your final score! The game ends whenever you lose all three lives.

Now you'll find out if you are a true skateboard master! Even if you don't reach the high score list, you can keep practicing. The Chipmunks will make sure you have a ton of fun!