Paper Battle

Join the fun together with your favorite Nickelodeon characters in the Paper Battle game. Attack your opponents or simply push them away to gain points!

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About Paper Battle Game

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The Nickelodeon characters are organizing a friendly fight in the Paper Battle game. There is no match for having all your favorite Tv characters in one place! SpongeBob, Lincoln Loud, Kid Danger, and the Power Rangers are only a few names to mention. They are all ready for you to pick one of them and start the fight.

The catch here, though, is, in fact, quite an unexpected turn. That is because all the characters are paper cut-outs! Nevertheless, that does not make the battle less fun. As in any other fight, you must defeat your enemies by attacking them or getting them to fall of the paper background. 

How to Play

Fortunately, there is no need for fancy training. You probably already know how to handle a situation like this. The tools you will need are probably right under your nose. Your keyboard will be of the only thing you need to become a winner. You can move and jump around the battlefield using the Arrow keys. Simply press them according to your needs. 

Because the focus here is the word battle, it is crucial to know how to launch attacks. For that purpose, you can press the SpaceBar. This move will attack the other competitors nearby. But take care, the paper is pretty soft and easy to tear, so you can get hurt as well! 

Once every while, some funny boxes will pop out of thin air. You should make sure that you are the first one to get to them! Inside them, there are some cool power-ups that will spice up the game. These will give you the power to do more damage to your opponents and take them out of the game. 

The score is calculated by looking at how many times you have taken another character out. To do that, you can either cause enough damage to the opponent or simply push them away to fall down. 

Good luck defeating every other paper opponent!