Adventures in Wonderland

Explore an artsy and whimsical universe with the Adventures in Wonderland game! Help your cuddly friends from Wonder Pets find guests for their tea party!

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About Adventures in Wonderland Game

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Play the Adventures in Wonderland game if you're in the mood for an otherwordly adventure! You will step inside a colorful universe filled with amazing landscapes and fun decorations. Besides, you'll be in the company of the most adorable friends you can think of! The Wonder Pets are cute, cuddly, and very brave. Join Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming for a wondrous journey!

The game consists of three levels, each set in a different imaginative setting, inspired by the classic story Alice in Wonderland. You'll have the chance to take on the role of a cute guinea pig, a duckling, or a turtle as you explore this magnificent universe of pure imagination. Collect magical items and bring together the guests of a tea party inspired by Lewis Carol!

How to Play

Are you ready to learn how to navigate this whimsical land? Use the Left and Right arrow keys to move around. Whenever you need to jump, use the Space Bar. It's easy as pie!

Explore the whimsical gardens, artsy forests, and intricate labyrinths! On your way to the end of the level, you can collect three types of magical items: hats, teacups, and plates. The more you gather, the better your score will be at the end of each level!

At the finish line, you'll come across well-known characters from the Alice in Wonderland story. Invite them to Ollie's tea party and enjoy their whimsical company!

What else you should know

Can you use everything to your advantage? Throughout your journey, you'll come across disappearing platforms, water slides, and launching pads. If you handle them correctly, you'll surely gather many points for the Wonder Pets!

Watch out for the queen's soldiers in the final level! They constantly patrol the Queen of Hearts' maze. If you crash into them, they'll slow you down and steal three points from you. Yikes! Therefore, you should watch their movement patterns and try to sneak past them!

Finally, you've reached the end of your journey! All three magical guests you have found are at Ollie's tea party. The bunny is very excited to have the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, and the Queen of Hearts at his party. Don't forget that the rest of the Wonder Pets will also be there! You can't miss out on this party!