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Have fun while learning with the Wonder Pets in the Join the Circus game! Practice spelling and counting in the company of orangutans, penguins, and seals!

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Have fun on vacation with the Wonder Pets in the Join the Circus game! During the summer, the beloved crew of pets goes on holiday, just like the students at school. Would you like to join them?

The three cuddly friends have decided to visit the circus for the day. As you can imagine, you're going to have a ton of fun and practice useful skills with the Wonder Pets!

This fun adventure includes three activities. You'll have the chance to spell with the seals, play with the orangutans, and chase penguins. Besides being incredibly entertaining, each activity will help you practice a useful skill. 

How to Play

All the activities at the circus are very easy and fun to do. The only tool you'll need is your mouse. Obviously, the first step is to pick one of the three activities by clicking on it. Next, listen to the instructions given by the Wonder Pets and start having fun!

The spelling seals will help you practice letters and words. Listen to the Wonder Pets and identify the correct letter from the top of the screen! If you click on the correct ball, the seal will bounce it on their nose. How cute! Your mission is to spell three words, each one of them consisting of three letters. If you succeed, you get to watch the seals dance!

Are you ready to play on the trapeze? The orangutans need your help to get from one side of the circus tent to the other. You should watch the swing of the trapeze carefully! Then, click on it to make it jump and latch onto the bar whenever it's close to the monkey. Do the same when the trapeze reaches the other side to help the animal get off!

You have to do it four times until all the little orangutans reach the platform on the right side. Finally, count them out to make sure they're all safely on the other side!

There's more you should know!

Finally, you get to play with the penguins. Can you believe that they're all dressed as clowns? Unfortunately, they're late for their show, and it's up to you to find as many as you can before the time runs out.

Look closely in the circus yard and click on them as soon as they show up! At the end of the game, you'll find out how many you've managed to catch.

As you can see, a day at the circus is a ton of fun! All the activities here are fun, educational, and easy to play. Therefore, time will fly while learning with the Wonder Pets!