Save a Baby Dinosaur

Help the Wonder Pets trio rescue a baby Triceratops in the Save a Baby Dinosaur game! Can you complete all the challenges and set your friend free?

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About Save a Baby Dinosaur Game

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Your favorite trio of superheroes is back with a new mission in the Save a Baby Dinosaur game! Ming-Ming, Turtle Tuck, and Linny have to rescue a dinosaur that got lost. However, this is not an easy task because they must first travel across the jungle. Will you join your friends on this adventure and help them save the day?

It's time to begin your journey! To find the baby dinosaur and reunite him with his mother, you must first overcome the challenges. Dress up the heroes in their suits, put together your vehicle, and stay out of danger. Do your best to navigate through the jungle safely, and you'll be able to complete the mission and help the animals!

How to Play

Before you head out, you must first understand the basics. Luckily the only tool you need is your mouse. Click on an object to pick it up, then tap on the area where you want to use it. After that, you'll be able to continue your journey!

Your main task is to help the Wonder Pets save the baby dinosaur. However, you must first get dressed, find a vehicle, and travel through the jungle while avoiding the obstacles. Are you confident you can overcome these trials and reach your target? If so, don't waste any time and begin your mission!

First things first, the cute animals have to put on their superhero suits. Search through the pile of clothes together and find some cool items to try on. Will you opt for a dinosaur disguise, or will you put on some wacky accessories? The choice is all yours to make!

To reach the baby Triceratops, you must first build your Flyboat. Can you find the wheels, mast, sail, and engine and put together all the pieces? After this, you can finally explore the jungle! Just remember not to rush, or you can get hit by the mud and slip back.

Can you save the little dinosaur and help him meet his family again? If so, join your friends from the Wonder Pets team, and complete the mission together!