Battle of the Bands

Join the Chipmunks in the studio with the Battle of the Bands game! Can you help Alvin, Simon, and Theodore play their instruments and compose a new song?

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Don't miss out on the Battle of the Bands game if you are a fan of the Chipmunks and their music! Have you ever wanted to join your favorite musicians in the studio? Now you have the chance to help Alvin, Simon, and Theodore come up with a new song for their album!  

This game consists of three exciting challenges. As you might know by now, Simon plays the guitar, Theo plays the drum, while Alvin is the lead singer, and Simon plays the guitar. Can you give each one of them a hand with their part of the song? Play each instrument as best as you can, then hear everything come together! Maybe you'll create a hit!

How to Play

Let's start with Simon's part! Your mission is to watch the fret of his guitar closely. The highlighted part is the most important one. Can you see the musical notes coming towards it? When one of them enters this zone, press the corresponding ley or click on it to play it.

The coolest part is that you can use both your mouse and the first four number keys on your keyboard. Hit as many notes as possible by the end of the song!

Meet Theodore at the drum station! All you have to do in this section is to click as many times as you can on his drum! How many beats can you perform in 30 seconds? The energetic song in the background will help you groove to this song in Theo's company!

Lastly, it's time to play as Alvin! Just like in the first stage of the game, you'll need to play the notes when they pass through the highlighted part of the screen. However, you'll have to be even faster and more precise! To hit a high percentage of notes, use the visuals and music to your advantage. It's such a fun song to play!

Finally, you can listen to your musical masterpiece! The musical trio appreciates your help now that they have finished the track. The last step of the game is to type in your name and see if you have reached the high score list. In case you haven't, just keep practicing to improve your reflexes and have fun!