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About Rescue Rumble Game

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The Henry Danger heroes are fighting evil again in the Rescue Rumble game! Saving the day is never an easy thing! It seems like your friends never get to rest because villains are always watching! Will you win the fight against the enemies?

Just like any other action game, you have to react fast and watch out! Fight your opponents before they reach you, or they might hit you first! Play as Kid Danger and Captain Man and save their friend Jasper from the likes of Dr. Minyak, Drill Finger, and many more! Do you have what it takes to save the day?

How to play the game

To make Henry hit the villains, all you have to do is use your mouse and Left-click on the side of the screen they are coming from. When the battle starts, you need to be quick and throw the first punch! Be careful and knock out your enemies before they can touch you!

You can only hit the villains if they are within reach of the bars on the lower side of the screen. As you fight, you will sometimes enter bubblegum mode, which will extend the bars, making your range a lot wider!

If the villains manage to reach you, they will keep hitting you until they are defeated! Watch out, because you have limited health! If Kid Danger's bar drops too low, Captain Man will take his place and continue the fight!

There are a total of six stages to finish. For the first five, you will meet the likes of Dr. Minyak, Mad Granny, Drill Finger, Jeff, and Invisible Brad. For the last stage, you will fight all the villains simultaneously, so get ready and make sure to react quickly!

Kid Danger and Captain Man need your help! Join the fight and assist the heroes as they try to save Jasper!

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