The Great Nickelodeon Escape

Find the hidden clues and complete the puzzle in The Great Nickelodeon Escape game! Enter each room, find the secret items, and solve the mysteries!

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About The Great Nickelodeon Escape Game

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If you are good at solving puzzles, you have to give The Great Nickelodeon Escape game a try! Your favorite Nickelodeon characters have prepared five thrilling mysteries for you to solve. To complete their challenges, you must look for the clues just like a detective. Just don't get fooled and begin your search!

Your buddies from Danger Force, SpongeBob SquarePants, and the other shows are ready to escape their rooms! Your job in this puzzle-style challenge is to open each door and look for the missing items. Once you have them, you can use each object to solve important tasks. Just pay attention to every area, and make sure to complete the challenge as quickly as possible!

How to Play

Before you begin the search, you must understand the basics. Move around the rooms using your mouse, then Left-click on any object you see. If you find any clues, the items will be added to your inventory, and you will be able to take them out later. Remember that each one has a purpose, so make sure to grab anything that seems useful!

Each room is designed to remind you of your favorite cartoons. Help SpongeBob escape the Krusty Krab, run away from the giant Venus flytrap with the cast of It's Pony, or help the kids enter Flip's Food & Fuel. If you're familiar with each show, you won't have any issues solving the mysteries! Just do your best to finish as quickly as possible because your score depends on how fast you are.

Are you ready to explore the first room? Look around every corner, collect the clues, and resolve the puzzles. If you see any interesting patterns or colors, keep them in mind! You never know when they'll become useful, so interact with all objects and solve the case!

Can you earn the trophy and become a master of escape rooms? If so, you must complete all the challenges and unlock the five pictures of your Nickelodeon friends. However, if your aim is to earn three stars for the missions, you might need to retry them after your skills improve. Once your collection is complete, the reward is yours!

Now is your chance to become a real detective. Look for the missing clues, use the objects to your advantage and solve each case! Your buddies are counting on you!