Genie-Rific Creations

Play the Genie-Rific Creations game and design a new friend for Shimmer and Shine! Create your genie, give her a cute companion, and build your own palace!

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About Genie-Rific Creations Game

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Create your own genie and get ready for a magical adventure in the Genie-Rific Creations game! Shimmer and Shine are ready to show you around their fantasy land. However, you must first use your imagination and create the perfect companion for your cute friends. Now is your chance to show off your creativity and bring your design to life!

Let's start working on your character! This challenge will let you change various details, so you can customize your creation to your liking. There's no need to rush because you can take your time and make your dream heroine! Are you feeling inspired yet?

How to Play

It's time to create your character! To choose an element you want to change, you must click on each category. After that, tap on the arrows to see all your choices, then select the item you want. Just remember to pick a color before moving on to the next category!

Your first move is to choose between a girl or a boy genie. After that, it's time to begin creating your character! Start by selecting a hairstyle, then pick a skin and eye color, and finally an outfit. For the finishing touch, you can give your new friend some pretty jewelry and make her stand out!

Next, it's time to design your genie's pet! You can select your favorite companion, then change its' fur, head, feet, and tail. Of course, you will also get to choose a color you like, then add a fun accessory! If you're up for a surprise, you can even click on the arrow button and randomize your creation.

Finally, what's a genie without a magic bottle? For the last step, you get the chance to create your perfect palace. Select a bottle, add your towers behind it, and paint them in bright shades. After that, you can adorn your character's home with beautiful decorations! 

Are you ready to see everything you've made? If so, it's time to showcase your abilities and perform some cool magic tricks! Shimmer and Shine can't wait to see their new friend!