Bikini Bottom or Bust

Help SpongeBob escape a dark cave in the Bikini Bottom or Bust game! Bring him home by floating up, avoiding all the obstacles, and popping the bubbles!

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About Bikini Bottom or Bust Game

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SpongeBob is stuck in a dark cave and must make his way back home in the Bikini Bottom or Bust game! Your wacky friend loves going on adventures, but this time he wandered too far. Now, he needs your help to float back up and return to his buddies. Will you be able to lend him a hand and escape from the depths of the sea?

Become SpongeBob's guide and rescue him from the underwater cave! To do this, you must use your balloon and keep floating up. Just make sure not to hit the sharp walls or get caught in the fishing net! You wouldn't want your glove to pop, right?

How to Play

The cute sponge is light as a feather, but you must keep him safe! To guide your friend through the scary depths, you must use your mouse. Drag your cursor across the screen to move in any direction. Once you see the net getting close, you can snip it by clicking on your balloon!

Can you float your way back to Bikini Bottom? To do this, you have to focus on the screen and keep going up. As you get closer to the surface, you will notice some signs around you. These will keep you motivated until you reach the end of your journey!

If you're aiming for a high score, you should pop as many bubbles as you can. Just make sure not to get distracted! If you run into any obstacles, SpongeBob will get injured. Your friend has only three balloons, so you have to keep him safe!

What else you should know

Each time you hit the rocky walls or fishing net, the glove will be damaged. Just remember that it can only take three strikes before it pops! 

Once your last balloon bursts, you will fall back to the bottom of the sea! When this happens, be vigilant because you will keep losing points for each obstacle you run into!

There's no time to lose! SpongeBob is counting on you to help him go back to Bikini Bottom. Will you be able to climb out of the scary cave together?