Megazord Rush

Control a high-powered war machine in Power Rangers Megaforce: Megazord Rush game! Join the mighty Rangers for a unique and adrenaline-filled adventure!

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Play Power Rangers Megaforce: Megazord Rush game and learn how to control quite a powerful and impressive machine! Have you ever wanted to pilot all the different Power Ranger Zords? Then this is undoubtedly the game for you!

You will have a lot of fun destroying alien ships and missiles, accompanied by the Rangers from the Megaforce series. However, you should remember that fighting extraterrestrial forces is not as easy as it seems! Do you think you can become the hero of this intergalactic battle and give your heroes a much-needed helping hand?

The game consists of a series of fierce confrontations in different environments. Each time, you will have to pilot a Zord belonging to one of the famous Power Rangers. Will you use Troy's dragon, Emma's phoenix, Gia's tiger, Noah's shark, or Jake's snake? It's all up to chance!

The gameplay is sophisticated, yet intuitive. Each different type of Zord has slightly different controls and abilities. Don't worry! You will receive a brief description at the beginning of each level. What is more, certain aspects remain common among all of the vehicles; therefore, the change won't be as drastic. Consequently, you should have sharp reflexes and high adaptability to success!

You're just a few steps away from piloting like a pro!

Each stage of this thrilling race aims to take down three enemy UFOs, without having your health bar depleted. You will soon find that it's hard to remain intact in such a hostile environment! Avoid all existing threats and try to shoot down or destroy as many enemy troops as possible! The number of ships taken down so far will be shown in the upper right corner of the screen. On the opposite side, you can check on your health level. Piece of cake!

Besides, the game also includes a bonus stage, for those who consider themselves real pros! Are you a massive Power Ranger fan? Then you might enjoy collecting cards featuring your favorite characters. This is exactly what you need to do in the game! Hunt out the cards featuring the iconic Rangers and complete your collection of the Megaforce team. Once you have found all five of them, you will unlock the Lion Zord Bonus stage! What is more, you will receive points which you can exchange in the Shop to upgrade the different available Zords.

Buckle in and get ready for a genuinely unusual race with the animal-inspired Zords from the Power Rangers Megaforce series! Can you become a good pilot and hero? No matter what, you should always keep in mind the Rangers' motto: Earth Defenders! Never Surrender!