Pair the Presents

All the Nickelodeon heroes are helping Santa in the Pair the Presents game. Remember the cards' position on the table, then match them with their pair!

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About Pair the Presents Game

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The Nickelodeon stars are in charge of the Christmas preparations in the Pair the Presents game. From time to time, it happens even to Santa Claus to be in great need of some help. It's great that there are always people like you, eager to help others in need.

It is up to you to make sure that all the presents are delivered orderly. For that purpose, you will be responsible for the sorting! Your job is to group the images with their only pair on the board. The tricky part is that they are not facing upwards. Instead, you can only see their backs. 

How to Play

As a tool for the sorting process, the only thing you will need is your mouse. You have to use it to turn the cards one at a time to see what hides underneath. Simply go over the card you wish to reveal then click. 

To be of help to Santa Claus, you have to group the present cards. To do that, you must remember how they were positioned. Soon enough, all of them will be facing backward, making it almost impossible for you to guess which one is which. 

Fortunately, before you even begin the game, you will have the option to pick the difficulty level. You can choose between Easy, Medium, or Hard. In other words, you get to train yourself to become better and have a sharper memory! Additionally, according to the difficulty, you will have a longer or shorter time to peek at the cards before they turn. 

As you advance, more and more cards will appear on the table, but the peeking time will not be any different. However, you do not need to perfectly match all the pairs from the very first try. You are allowed to make as many mistakes as needed. Though, you will get penalized for more than four mistakes in a row by one point. 

Remember! You are helping Santa Claus, so you must do your best!