Spinner The Space Kid

Play the Spinner the Space Kid game for a new adventure across the planets! Are you ready to go on a wild race for the missing twinkles and bring them back?

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About Spinner The Space Kid Game

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Head off to outer space and explore the planets in the Spinner the Space Kid game! Spinner and his best friend Scooter were traveling together when they came across Mrs. Twinkle. Their friend is in trouble, and now the heroes must go on a quest to help her. Will you lend them a hand and go on this thrilling journey together? 

Let's get going! Your job is to find all the missing twinkles and chase after them. Are you ready to travel to three different planets and locate the characters? Remember that they're very fast, so you'll have to swiftly act if you want to catch up!

How to Play

It's time to begin the chase! To run through each area, all you need is your mouse. Move your cursor across the screen, and your buddies will follow your lead! If you click, they will start hopping over the obstacles ahead.

To help Mrs. Twinkle, you must guide Spinner and Scooter across the planets. Each location is like a labyrinth, with many obstacles scattered around. Can you follow the twinkles and make sure to grab them all? Keep in mind that every stage is different, with three to five targets each time!

The twinkles can move very quickly, so you must keep your eyes on the screen and follow their tracks. You might have difficulty trying to catch them if you're not fast enough. However, if you can guess where they'll go next, you can take a shortcut and aim straight for the twinkles! Do you have what it takes to complete this mission?

What else you should know

At the end of each challenge, your targets will all gather around and make a shape on the screen. Can you guess what it represents and find the matching picture? There are three different options to select from, so take your time to think and choose wisely! You wouldn't want to get the wrong answer, right?

Hurry up because there's no time to lose! Spinner and Scooter must team up with you to help Mrs. Twinkle. Will you be able to chase after the missing twinkles and bring them all back?