Sanjay and Craig: Butterslide

Sanjay and Craig need more views for their channel in the Butterslide game! Can you help them record Raska's landings to get as many points as possible?

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About Sanjay and Craig: Butterslide Game

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Sanjay and Craig can't wait to launch Raska high in the air in the Butterslide game! It looks like the rad duo is back to their old shenanigans. This time, they want to film their friend's jumps and hard landings for some views on their video channel! Will you give them a hand?

Your job in this game is to launch Raska in the air and guide his landings toward the trailers to obtain as many views as possible! This fun activity will test your aiming skills and focus, so try your best to master these insane jumps, and you'll get the funniest clips for Sanjay and Craig's channel!

How to Play

First, you'll need to click on Raska, drag him down the butter slide, and aim toward the desired target. Then, as he is about to fall above the trailer park, a large red circle will appear and reveal his landing spot. If it's not on a trailer, you must click rapidly in the direction of a caravan, and the target will move for a perfect landing. However, if you shoot too far from the trailer park, Raska will fly into space, and you'll get no points.

To pass on to the next level, you need to have a specific number of views on each video. You can obtain these views by landing on trailers, containers, and other small buildings within the trailer park. However, try to aim for the ones with the highest amount of points. This way, you'll obtain as many views as possible within the first launches.

You only have ten launches per level, so try your best to obtain the necessary views within that limit. Unfortunately, controlling Raska during the flight is challenging, so you might miss a few landings. If you land on the ground, it'll be a Boosh, and you won't get any points.

Are you ready to record the most impressive jumps and help Sanjay and Craig get a lot of views? You'll become famous one landing at a time!