SpongeBob: Spring Showers

Play the Spring Showers game and help SpongeBob fix the leaks in his roof! Draw paths to guide the sand to the buckets and fill them to complete each level!

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Help SpongeBob fix the leaks in his roof and collect all the sand falling from there in the Spring Showers game! The spring season comes with a lot of rain, and SpongeBob's house is pretty fragile. Cracks and leaks appeared everywhere! Now sand is coming through and filling his house! Armed with buckets of all sizes, SpongeBob is ready to get rid of it once and for all! Grab a bucket and join him!

Your job is to guide the sand from the leak to the bucket by drawing lines and paths for it! You don't have to be an artist to solve this creative puzzle! If you know how gravity works, you're all set! You can try as many times as you like and construct fun labyrinths for the sand to go through!

How to Play

Put your drawing skills into action by using your mouse. Click and drag to form a path and direct the sand into the buckets. They can have any shape or form you want, as long as the sand flows through! However, the sand might get stuck, and you'll have to restart the level if you draw the line upwards!

Each bucket shows how many sand particles are needed to fill it. Once that number becomes zero on all buckets, the level is complete. Buckets of other colors will appear, and the particles are limited, so remember to share between them properly!

Some tools will help you complete each level! The funnels will change the sand's color once it goes through them. The sand can also go through a portal, moving it from one side to another. If you see the red button, you can click it to toggle the gravity and make your sand float upward! Remember to drag your line toward the jellyfish and collect as many as possible for extra points!

Are you ready to let your creativity flow and help draw paths for the colorful sand? Don't hold back and impress SpongeBob with your skills!