Lights Out Patrick

Play the Lights Out Patrick game and help SpongeBob get out of his friend’s dream! Help the yellow sponge get to the surface of the sea and be his hero!

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About Lights Out Patrick Game

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The underwater universe awaits you in the Lights Out Patrick game! What do you think about helping SpongeBob get to the surface of the sea? You must not awake Patrick! Gather all your forces and try not to make a sound!

In this fascinating journey, Patrick is sound asleep, and SpongeBob does not want to disturb him! However, he needs to climb the floating rocks and reach the surface! You must help your friend jump across the platforms without making a sound!

You are inside Patrick’s dream, and you should not wake him up! SpongeBob has to make his way up and escape this imaginary world before his pink friend regains consciousness!

Are you ready for the quietest adventure you’ve ever been on? SpongeBob awaits you to start his incredible quest! Be his unconditioned guide, and help the yellow character complete his journey!

How to Play

After starting the game, you will soon remark that the screen is going up. You have to get SpongeBob moving before he gets left behind! To direct him, press the Up arrow key! If the platforms are around his sides, press the Right and Left arrow keys. You determine what path the hero should follow! Be insightful, and coordinate your buddy in the right direction!

If you want your character to move faster, make sure he rides a jellyfish! They are the best at providing speed! The air bubbles are another great opportunity for SpongeBob! He can get into one and watch as it carries him to the surface!

However, you should be careful! Along the way, SpongeBob will encounter spikey creatures that will hurt your hero if he touches them, disturbing Patrick’s sleep! If you land on the red them too many times, Patrick will wake up!

You need to pay close attention when they close their spikes! That is the opportune moment to continue your journey and not get affected by them! Another thing, beware of the moving screen! If you remain in the same position for too long, the game stops!

Tips and Tricks

As already mentioned, SpongeBob can ride the jellyfish to gain an advantage. However, try not to sit on the swimming creatures for too long. Otherwise, they begin to sting him, and this will cause Patrick to lose his peaceful sleeping!

You can also go inside the bubbles, but they will burst after a short amount of time! Thus, every time SpongeBob suffers an injury, Patrick will get more and more conscious! If the yellow character gets injured five times, the Starfish will wake up!

Also, this happens every time SpongeBob falls off the screen! You need to take into consideration all the little disadvantages and make sure he survives the adventure! You need to complete the journey and get SpongeBob out of Patrick’s dream!

What do you think about joining SpongeBob in this unusual journey? Gather all your strengths and enter the magical underwater universe of Bikini Bottom!