Bubble Blower

Play the Bubble Blower game to help Patrick float around Bikini Bottom using his bubblegum balloons. Dodge the fishing hooks and enjoy the smoothest ride!

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About Bubble Blower Game

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Patrick Star, SpongeBob's SquarePants friend, got himself into another adventure in the Bubble Blower game. The starfish blew a gumball balloon big enough to make him float. However, many dangers around the sea might get in his way. Can you help him finish his journey?

Your goal is to keep Patrick floating for as much as possible using a fan. Don't worry, though! He has many bubblegum balls all around Bikini Bottom to keep him busy. On the other hand, it only takes one wrong move to blow this task. So, try to keep a lookout for dangers, and enjoy the ride around the ocean!

How to Play

Navigating a bubblegum balloon is a piece of cake! You only need your mouse to move your fan around to keep Patrick in the air. But you should not be hasty! You can run into many dangerous objects if you don't have time to prevent a collision. So, try to keep him floating at a steady level.

Your ride will have a timer, and the fun is over when it hits zero! However, you can grab some bubblegum to recharge a chunk of time. Also, you will get one point for each piece your grab. So, you should grab as many as possible if you want a high score.

There are a few dangers you have to keep in mind. On your way, you might encounter some fishing hooks. Your gum balloon will explode if you get hit by one. However, it's not so big of a deal because you will spawn right back. On the other hand, you will lose a bit of your time. So, try to avoid them if you want a smooth ride!

Are you ready to help Patrick Star float around Bikini Bottom with his bubblegum balloon? Let's see how far you can reach without running into any fishing hooks!