Kash Krab

Play the Kash Krab game and help Mr. Krabs refill his safe with the lost money bags! Collect, aim, and shoot burgers at the turtles to recover the cash!

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Help Mr. Krabs collect all his precious money bags from the turtles' back in the Kash Krab game! Someone broke into the greedy crab's safe and released his cash bags into the ocean! The traveling turtles picked them up on their backs and started swimming above Krusty Krab. With the help of his loyal employee SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs is ready to recover his riches! Will you lend a hand?

Your goal in this game is to recover as many money bags as possible from the turtles' backs by throwing Krabby Patties at them and catching the cash in your safe! The greedy crab won't settle for just a few dimes, so arm yourself with yummy burgers and get back all the precious money!

How to Play

To catch and shoot the burgers toward the turtles, use your mouse. SpongeBob will throw a Kabby Patty at Mr. Krabs once in a while, and he can either catch it in his safe directly or bounce it a few times before it ends up in the safe! After collecting some patties, move your cursor and aim at the turtles swimming above to knock a money bag off their back!

SpongeBob's throws are not always the best, so you might miss catching some of the burgers on your plate or in your safe. Unfortunately, that has consequences. It will be game over if you miss more than five times and the patties go on the sandy floor. Try keeping up with the burger throws and bounces for extra points and more chances to recover the cash.

The turtles carry a lot of money on their backs, and each cash bag you collect will improve your score. The more you catch in your safe, the wealthier Mr. Krabs becomes! Besides the ordinary bags, you'll also notice some turtles carrying golden ones! Try grabbing them quickly for double the amount of money!

Now that you've learned all the moves, can you make Mr. Krabs rich and keep him happy? Ka-ching! Secure the cash!