Clash of Triton

Play the Clash of Triton game and defeat the God of the sea before he destroys the town! Fight enemies, defeat the bosses, and collect all the relics!

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About Clash of Triton Game

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Become the strongest sponge in Bikini Bottom and defeat the evil God of the sea in the Clash of Triton game! SpongeBob has released Triton from his cage, and now he's wreaking havoc everywhere. The friendly sponge must stop him! With a blessed spatula and some muscles, SpongeBob has to take down Triton's army and defeat him once and for all! Will you join him in this adventure?

Your job in this game is to fight Triton's army and claim victory against all the bosses at the end of the levels, including Triton himself! Prove your strength and fearlessness, then become the ultimate hero of Bikini Bottom!

How to Play

You'll need your keyboard to go into battle against the evil army. Here are your controls and how to use them:

 - Arrow keys: Move around.

 - Z: Jump.

 - Spacebar: Attack.

 - Number keys (1-5): Use relics.

Keep in mind that all relics have specific powers. For example, the Jelly Canon, the Stormhammer, and the Trident of Neptune damage your enemies with projectiles. You can defend yourself with the Shell Shield and call for backup with the Sardine Caller.

Each level contains a different type of enemy. Their numbers will increase as you advance through the stages. You must fight the waves of armed fish and defeat the boss at the end to unlock the other maps. These are the unlockable locations and their respective bosses:

 - Sandy's Dome: Cerberus Sandy, the three-headed dog.

 - Goo Lagoon: Kraken Squidward, the enormous octopus.

 - Jellyfish Fields: Minotaur Patrick, the horned starfish.

 - Bikini Bottom: Scorpio Krabs, the furious crab.

 - Neptune Valley: Triton, the God of the seas.

As you fight through Bikini Bottom, you can collect multiple things, such as coins, health, and relics. Along with the money, a green orb will drop once you defeat enemies. Remember to pick it up to increase your health after a battle. You can grab a relic once you defeat a boss. It will help you fight the enemies in the next stage!

What else you should know

When fighting enemies, they will drop Hero Coins. Gather as many as possible as they will offer you XP. The more points you receive, the better because they increase your health and attack power! The XP amount needed for each Hero level increases with each stage!

There's also a little puzzle you can solve on the bottom left side of your home screen. Try to unlock the chest to receive a powerful relic that will help you in your fights! If you can't solve it, don't worry! Click on Patrick, and he will automatically crack the code for you!

Are you ready to become the town's hero and eliminate the strongest enemy with your magical spatula? Unleash your power and put Triton in his place!