Deep Sea Smashout

Can you break your way through the coral reef in the Deep Sea Smashout game? Join SpongeBob and Gary, smash the colorful blocks, and try not to fall!

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About Deep Sea Smashout Game

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SpongeBob and Gary are ready to smash some colorful blocks in the Deep Sea Smashout game! The pair of friends are prepared to take on a classic arcade challenge, and you get to join the fun. Travel around Bikini Bottom together, destroy the blocks, and reveal the beautiful scenery hidden behind them! Do you have what it takes to complete this mission?

Your goal is to break your way through the coral reef and reach the final stage. However, as you progress, your mission will get increasingly more difficult. Just remember to keep your eyes on Gary because you don't want him to fall! If you can't catch your buddy, it'll be game over in no time!

How to Play

The mission is straightforward, but you still have to understand the basics. The only tool you will need here is your keyboard. Tap on the Space bar to begin the challenge, and throw Gary into the air. After that, you just need to move SpongeBob around by pressing the Left and Right Arrow keys.

It's time to show off your quick reflexes! Like in the classic trivia game, the cute snail will be the ball, and SpongeBob will act as the paddle. To complete the mission, you need to act fast and anticipate where Gary will land. Just be careful because you must hit some of the corals twice before they break, while others won't crack at all!

Can you clear all the colorful blocks and make your way to the next stage? Just don't let the snail crash on the seabed because you only have three lives. This is why you must keep moving SpongeBob from one side to another, or you'll lose a chance each time your buddy falls. Luckily, you can earn an extra life for any seashell you collect!

Do your best to catch all the falling items! These objects will give you special abilities, such as making SpongeBob bigger or increasing Gary's speed. If you can grab the blowfish, they will turn into additional balls and bounce off the corals. How useful is that?

It's time to smash your way through Bikini Bottom! Can you help SpongeBob and Gary break all the colorful blocks?