Zombie Pond

Play the Zombie Pond game and help Captain SpongeBob protect his pumpkins! Throw objects at the zombie fish and prevent them from reaching the boat!

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Join Captain SpongeBob in protecting his valuable pumpkin collection from the dangers of the sea in the Zombie Pond game! Bikini Bottom has never seen such a beautiful bunch of pumpkins for Halloween! SpongeBob plans to bring them home, but he must first cross the waters filled with fish zombies! Will you join him on this dangerous adventure?

Your only job on Captain SpongeBob's ship is to send the fish zombies to the bottom of the sea by throwing things at them and not letting them reach the delicious pumpkin brains! Only you can help the Captain, matey! Let's see how you do under pressure!

How to Play

To help Captain SpongeBob, you'll only need your mouse! Move your cursor Left and Right to travel from one side of the boat to the other. Click on any of the piles to pick up the objects. Then, click on the zombie fish shape that has swum closer and drop the item on them.

Every time you go to a pile of items, they will stack on top of SpongeBob's head. Each weighs differently, so when you drop them on the zombies, remember that they might come back up faster or slower than you expect! For example, the Pirate hat and the anchor will send the fish to the bottom of the sea, while the helm will push them down a bit!

If you pay close attention to their moves, the zombie fish won't be able to reach the pumpkins. However, the more you advance, the faster they'll swim back toward the surface! You can throw multiple objects at one to delay it, then move on to the next! It just takes a little practice!

Now that you've learned all the tricks, will you be able to help the Captain protect his collection? Ahoy, matey! Time to face the seas!