Pest of the West Showdown!

Join SpongeBob in a series of western adventures with the Pest of the West Showdown game! Are you brave enough to accomplish all the challenges?

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About Pest of the West Showdown! Game

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Grab your cowboy hat and experience the wonderful adventures in Pest of the West Showdown game. Join Patrick and SpongeBob while they go through seven different western-inspired mini-games. 

To unlock every chapter, you will need to complete a loop containing all the episodes. Once the badges are acquired, you will be able to pass the levels and better your scores.

Here are the names of the mini-adventures you can try:

•    The Flying Hat!
•    Send the Seahorse to Bed!
•    Rodeo Champion!
•    Milkshake Party!
•    Get off the Railroad!
•    The One-Armed Bandit!
•    A Lasso Challenge!

For all the seven mini-games, you only need to use your mouse. Try to survive the loop as it goes faster and faster. Be careful not to run overtime, or else you will lose!

How to play the mini-games

For 'Get off the Railroad!', the premise is to save SpongeBob from being run over by the train. Cut the ropes by moving your cursor from Right to Left. Keep doing it until he is free! 

You will use the same command for 'Rodeo Champion!'. Guide the cursor to the Right or the Left, and help SpongeBob maintain his balance!

In 'Send the Seahorse to Bed!', SpongeBob needs to drag the creature in the barn. Help him by clicking rapidly on the mouse. Be very fast, or else you will run out of time!  

For both 'The Flying Hat!' and 'The One-Armed Bandit!', you will have to click on your mouse pad to complete the tasks. To keep the hat flying in the air, you'll need to shoot under it. To keep the roulette going, pull on the lever over and over again. 

What else you should know

There will be times where you'll also need to use both commands at the same time. For instance, during the 'Milkshake Party!', click on the milkshake and then shake by moving your cursor Up and Down. 

The same goes for 'A Lasso Challenge!', move the cursor in the Right or Left direction to guide SpongeBob. Be as close as possible, and click to catch the seahorse. 

SpongeBob is now the new sheriff in town and needs a capable partner to accompany him. Put your cowboy boots on, and explore the arrangement of western-themed journeys. Be careful, vigilant, and remember that time is crucial!