Coding Kickoff

Play the Coding Kickoff game and help your Nickelodeon friends escape the virtual world! Give the correct commands, avoid enemies, and reach the portal!

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About Coding Kickoff Game

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Learn how to code and become a great hacker while helping your Nickelodeon friends in the Coding Kickoff game! Some of your favorite Nickelodeon characters have found themselves in a pickle! They're stuck inside a computer! Only a good coder can help them escape the virtual world! Can you lend them a hand?

Your goal in this game is to get SpongeBob, Rafael, and the Game Shakers' blobs out of the virtual program by giving them code commands! You cannot miss this game if you're a fan of puzzles that require focus and good instincts! Maybe you'll even learn a thing or two about coding!

How to Play

Give the correct computer commands by only using your mouse! To begin with, click and drag the methods to the assembly box. You can also click on the Space slider to select the number of steps the character will make! Walk across the game board and reach the portal to escape and beat the level!

Each command will make your character do a different action. Here are the methods and how they function:

 - Directional arrows: Walk around the map.

 - Attack: Kick the enemy in front of you.

 - Wait: Stops for several seconds before another command.

 - Loop: Turn around/ Repeat the same methods multiple times.

When all the actions are ready in the assembly box, click Go! to start your journey or Reset to redo the commands!

The levels mostly have the same goal: get to the portal. However, some might ask you to collect the pick-ups to complete the stage! No matter the level, you must always avoid or attack the enemies in your way, or you'll have to start over!

Are you ready to code your way out of the dangerous virtual world? It only takes a few buttons!