Gary's Great Break

Play Gary's Great Break game and help the snail get to his food! Launch the ball at the jellyfish rows and make a path to obtain Gary's food!

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Help the lovely pet snail get through the rows of jellyfish and find his food in Gary's Great Break game! Poor Gary is hungry, and SpongeBob isn't home to feed him. He must do this alone, but the jellyfish that live all around their house are trying to block his way. With a volleyball and a hungry stomach, Gary is ready to take on the pesky jellyfish! Will you help him fill his belly before SpongeBob comes home?

Your job in this game is to help Gary bounce the ball back and forth, eliminating as many jellyfish as possible before getting to his food! This is actually the SpongeBob version of the popular tile-breaking game. However, the charm is guaranteed with bright colors and some of Gary's funny antics!

How to Play

To form a path through the rows of jellyfish, use your mouse. Click to launch the ball at the beginning of the level, then move your cursor left and right to catch it and keep it bouncing! The other delicious food is on the other side of the jellyfish wall and must be touched with the ball to move on to the next level!

Although it is a fun activity, Gary should pay attention not to drop the ball. He must catch it and let it bounce off his shell every time to earn points and obtain his food! If the ball falls three times, it'll be game over. Then, the poor snail will have to wait for SpongeBob to get home before getting a snack!

As you advance through the levels, getting the food will become a real challenge! The jellyfish are ruthless and will increase in numbers, adding to the rows every now and then. This means Gary must become more agile and do his best to keep the ball bouncing! But the prize is well worth it for a hungry little snail!

Are you ready to satisfy Gary's hunger and get him his favorite snacks? Yummy! It's mealtime!