Marble Bash

Play the Marble Bash game and join your friends from Bikini Bottom in this great journey! Do you think you can burst all the bubbles and become a champion?

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About Marble Bash Game

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Are you ready for another adventure inside the Bikini Bottom universe? Then enter the Marble Bash game and discover a ray of fun times and joyfulness!

Meet your favorite characters from the underwater world, such as SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and Plankton. Do you want to be the fiercest competitor in the game? Follow the instructions, and be the champion!

You have to connect the bubbles that share the same picture of a character. After you establish a link between them, they burst, emptying the screen! Make sure to do this before the entire screen gets covered in marbles! If this happens, the game ends!

How to Play

As mentioned before, your job is to burst the bubbles that display the same character! For doing this, you have to click on one bubble and then drag your mouse along to the others. This will create a line that connects the images! Create a link of three or more characters and trigger chain destruction!

Want a shortcut to win every level? From time to time, a colorful rainbow bubble will appear. Drag a line from the rainbow circle to a character bubble! This will eliminate all the balls that share the same picture!

Also, bubbles containing jellyfish are a win! Click on them, and they will burst the bubbles in their proximity! Furthermore, the balloons containing food items bring bonus points. Make sure to click on them, and reap the rewards!

Click on enough bubbles and get a Clear All button! This appears on the left part of the screen, and erases all the items! If you are lucky, a Comet will appear! It will remove all the marbles it touches, helping you complete the level sooner.

Moreover, at the bottom of the screen, you have a line. It lights up and shows your progress to the next level!

Tips and Tricks

What about having more than one bonus? If you want to get more points, make sure to match six of the same characters! Once they disappear, you will have the possibility to keep earning bonus points! Make matches with the same character, and keep the benefits! Up your multiplier by linking six more of the bonus characters!

However, along the journey, many obstacles will try to stop you from reaching the next level! For example, rocks will appear. You cannot link them and create matches! The only way to destroy them is by clicking the Clear All button when it is available!

Also, make sure not to click on the skulls! They transform all your marbles into rocks, and you will lose the game! Be careful and vigilant, if you want to be the best and reach the highest level!

Another thing you need to be insightful about is timing! This appears at the top of the screen, and once you run out of time, the game stops!

Do you think you can win the game and burst all the marbles? Enter the underwater universe of Bikini Bottom and win the game!