Operation Holiday Hero

Christmas may be in danger in the Operation Holiday Hero game! Help SpongeBob collect all the gifts that were stolen and destroy Plankton’s evil robots!

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About Operation Holiday Hero Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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    960 x 500
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Christmas is once again threatened in the Operation Holiday Hero game! Bikini Bottom has finished all the preparations, but it seems that the gifts SpongeBob brought are missing! Help your underwater friend, and restore the stolen items! 

Plankton and his evil robots want to steal the Christmas joy from Bikini Bottom! Enter the snowy winter wonderland, and infiltrate the Chum Bucket. There, SpongeBob has to get back all the stolen gifts! He prepared beforehand, but you can become his assistant while saving the holidays! 

You have to get into the failed restaurant, and search for the wanted items! Once you press play, the game begins at full force! Make sure to keep your eyes on the gifts! They are placed all over the screen, and you need to collect as many as possible!

How to Play

To reach the floating items, press the Spacebar! You can jump higher if you keep pressing the key. Also, if you press the Right arrow, SpongeBob starts throwing snow-balls! Use this feature when you encounter Plankton’s evil robots. Beware that it takes several throws to destroy them! If you get too close to them and they are still running, use the Spacebar and jump over them!

Moreover, the robots are not the only SpongeBob’s enemies! Make sure to also stay away from the Jellyfish! They are charged with electricity and will sting your friend! Keep in mind that SpongeBob has only three lives before the game stops! Try to keep his out of trouble by being focused on the target!

Pay attention to your character and collect all the missing items! This year’s Christmas depends on your involvement in this peculiar mission! Raid the Chum Bucket off all the gifts and defeat Plankton’s evil plan!