Deep Freeze Freak Out

Play the Deep Freeze Freak Out game and join SpongeBob and Plankton's food battle! Avoid getting hit by ingredients and fight back to defeat your opponent!

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About Deep Freeze Freak Out Game

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Join SpongeBob and Plankton in a wild food fight in the Deep Freeze Freak Out game! This time, the two enemies are stuck in the Krusty Krab freezer! Turns out that Plankton wants to throw away all the good ingredients to sabotage Mr. Krabs' restaurant! But SpongeBob won't let him waste the fresh produce that goes into their delicious Krabby Patties. Which side will you choose in this freezing war?

Your job in this game is to help either SpongeBob or Plankton avoid getting hit by the frozen food, then throw back some to fight their opponent! You can defeat the enemy and escape the freezer with swift moves and concentration!

How to Play

To move around during the fight, use your mouse. First, choose your side of the battle by selecting between SpongeBob and Plankton! Then, move your cursor and click to dash from one side to the other of the shelf. As your enemy drops the ingredients, you'll have to avoid standing under them. Once they bounce, you can click on them to throw them back at your opponent!

Every hit your enemy takes will take away from their health. At the same time, it will bring you points. However, you'll need a specific element to move on to the next level! A hand holding an ice cube will appear from time to time. Click on it to grab it, then aim it at your opponent and see them crumble! Temporarily defeating your enemy will send you to the next portion of the chase!

There are two parts to each level! First, you'll deal with battling your enemy and defeating them. Then, you'll need to jump from platform to platform while avoiding frozen food attacks. Each hit will take away your health, so be careful, as you only have five chances to succeed! Once you run out of health, it's game over!

Are you ready to save Krusty Krab's provisions and escape the cold freezer? Be careful not to turn into an icicle!