A Mission Through Time

Travel back and forth through time in A Mission Through Time game. Help SpongeBob stop Plankton and Man Ray's evil plans and change the awful future!

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About A Mission Through Time Game

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SpongeBob is the only one who can save the world in A Mission Through Time game. Plankton has found yet another way of stealing Mr. Krabs's secret recipe. If he succeeds, Bikini Bottom will never be the same again. It all started on the Age Awareness Day when SpongeBob and Patrick shared some burgers with the elderly. Plankton and the villain, Man Ray, allied to pursue a plan of world domination!

Your aim in this game is to prevent something terrible happening by getting the help of the young and powerful versions of the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. To do that, SpongeBob has to travel back and forth through time to put back all the broken pieces that will bring the present back to normal.

How to Play 

SpongeBob has to explore many places in time and space, and you will need to control him using only your keyboard. The Arrow keys will help you move in all directions to pass through chambers and other areas. There will be bad guys to be avoided and also objects, so give it a go around the place to get used to it.

More than that, you will meet some new characters on your way. You can press the Spacebar to interact with them. Some of them might be of great help to you because they could have some useful pieces of information. You have to do what SpongeBob would do and listen to everybody and help them whenever you can. Sometimes you might even get rewards from doing so!

As mentioned before, traveling trough time might get you in harm's way. Villains have existed all the time, and will not cease, not even in the faraway future. For that, SpongeBob is always bringing a weapon with him when he is away. When facing some bad guy, make sure to press the Spacebar to attack him! But be aware that they usually strick back.

What else you should know

While exploring, you might need to open gates and go through passages. Spongebob can do all that, just position yourself facing the object, and then press the Spacebar. That will be enough to take you to the next step of your journey. 

SpongeBob also has a fantastic memory. He can remember every character he met and keep track of his items, booty, and quest notes. You can access all these with a click on the Arrow above. There you can also check Clamu's Shop for some weapon upgrades!

You are ready now to step into your next time-travel adventure. SpongeBob will be more than grateful for helping him save the Bikini Bottom as we know it. Good luck defeating Man Ray and Plankton!