The Dark Abyss

Play The Dark Abyss game and help SpongeBob's friends explore the ocean's depths! Collect orbs of light to keep your lantern lit and avoid obstacles!

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About The Dark Abyss Game

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Explore the ocean's depths with the SpongeBob SquarePants gang in The Dark Abyss game! Equipped with a pocket light and a lot of courage, SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, and Plankton venture into the dark waters for a wild adventure! Who can reach the deep ends without running out of light? Only you can decide!

Your job in this game is to help the four friends dive as deep as possible into the ocean and keep their light intact without hitting any obstacles! The dark can become intimidating for anyone, but if you keep your light close and bright, you can make it past all the creepy crawlies swimming around!

How to Play

To navigate the abyss, use your mouse. First, choose one of the four characters out of SpongeBob's gang! They all have different stats, so pick the one you match with the most. Then, control your fall and go after the orbs of light by moving your cursor left and right. Collect as many as possible to keep your lantern lit.

While exploring, try avoiding the jellyfish because they will sting you and make you lose some of your light range. Besides the jellyfish, you should also avoid the cave's walls. They'll have the same effect on your gear, and once you lose the light and get engulfed by the dark, it'll be game over!

The orbs of light are scattered all around but not hard to collect. However, you can take advantage of the power-ups by activating them when needed with a click. Each character has a different one that ties into their initial stats. For example, Sandy can start her boot jets and slow down her descent, while Patrick's makes him invincible for a few seconds!

With each level, the abyss gets darker and more obstacles will appear in your way! Don't let that scare you! The orbs of light won't fail to aid you if you continue collecting them throughout the dive!

Are you ready to discover the mysteries of the abyss and see what you can find? Let the light guide you!