The Best Day Ever

Play The Best Day Ever game and have fun with your favorite friends from Bikini Bottom. Help Spongebob and Patrick organize a fabulous underwater show!

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About The Best Day Ever Game

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Helping Spongebob and his friends in The Best Day Ever game has never been more fun. Spongebob is quite happy that he can finally host his great underwater show. But the stage needs to be ready for his performance, and he needs the help of his friend Patrick.

You will be the guide that makes sure Patrick puts all the stage equipment in the right spot. As the game develops, more obstacles will appear, and Sandy, Mr. Krabs, or Squidward will need your help. Great friends help each other and succeed together!

How to Play

The gameplay is straightforward, but you have to keep an eye on possible obstacles that may interfere with Patrick’s movement. The main idea is that you have to guide Patrick on where to drop the box.
To control Patrick, you can use the Up/Down or Left/Right arrow keys. Take care when you give more than one command, as it will confuse Patrick.

Once you successfully place one item, Patrick will move on to the next. You will get instructions once the game starts, simply follow the blue arrow. If the tasks are completed successfully, Spongebob will get more funds. 

Many obstacles will get in the way, and Patrick can get confused and drop the box. But if you clear out his path, everything will be alright. Use your cursor or click on the item to make them disappear. Make sure you follow the instructions provided in the Help section and beware of bubbles, banana peels, and snails!

Final words!

People always go to friends when they need help, and Bikini Bottom is no exception to the rule! This is why when Sandy, Mr. Krabs, or Squidward need your support, provide your assistance and help them solve their problems. The game will provide instructions, and by simply following them, not only will you be a great friend, but you will get a bonus too. 
Guide Patrick around the stage, be aware of obstacles, clear out the path, and help your friends with their problems. The rules are simple, and with a little bit of perseverance, you will help Spongebob organize an excellent underwater show!