Nick: Basketball Stars 3

Play this classic sport with awesome Tv characters in the Nick: Basketball Stars 3 game. Take control over the ball and score as many goals as you can!

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Anyone likes a good ball game, but you will love the Nick: Basketball Stars 3 game. If you usually get to play only with your friends, here the Nickelodeon cartoons are your opponents! You can pick your favorite TV show character and then play against other cool ones. SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House, Henry Danger, or Power Rangers are just some of the options. It is indeed a nice change from the usual.

As in any other basketball game, you should aim to score goals. These will get you valuable points that fill up your score. But you probably already know most of the basic rules. Fortunately, there are some twists that do make this game more exciting.

How to Play

Because basketball implies moving around, the most useful things for you are the arrow keys. The Left and Right Arrows take you from one corner to the other when you press it. You can use the Up Arrow when you feel like you can score a goal. It will make you jump high enough to reach the basket. More than that, you can use the same key to jump on the trampolines.

Another important aspect is the Space Bar. This key can do two separate things. The basic one is to shoot the ball to score points. The other one, way more interesting, is to bump into other players. That way, you can take possession over the ball. 

The more successful shots you throw, the more fun the game will start to look. If you are good enough, you get to have some limited special powers which allow you to score easier. Also, the small flying devices overhead are carrying some awesome power-ups. These will give you a significant advantage against your opponents!

All in all, if you like sports, you are sure to enjoy playing this game! And even if you are not a fan of basketball, it's still worth a try!

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