Soak 'N' Squeeze

Play the Soak 'N' Squeeze game to prevent pollution in Bikini Bottom! Absorb the toxic waste and pass it through the wringer to fill the clean water meter!

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Prevent pollution in Bikini Bottom and help keep the town clean in the Soak 'N' Squeeze game! Plankton's up to no good once again! He wants to go green and spill a disgusting, toxic goo all over the lovely underwater town! SpongeBob's neighborhood and the area around Krust Krab are already affected! But our sponge hero can save Bikini Bottom with his ultimate power! Will you give him a hand?

Your goal is to soak up all the toxic goo in town and pass through the wringer to obtain as much filtered water as possible! You must be quick and keep Bikini Bottom from being polluted, much to Plankton's displeasure! Only a hero like SpongeBob can save everyone from this disaster!

How to Play

You can use your mouse to save the streets from pollution! Click on a green puddle to drop one of the sponges and let it absorb the toxic waste. You can do that up to four times. When the sponges are green, you'll need to pick up all the pieces and become whole again! Then, you can pass through the wringer and start filling the water meter!

You should try to fill the filtered water meter as quickly as possible! When it's complete, you can pass to the next level. However, you must do it before the time runs out. That's the only way to continue cleaning the town and obtain bonuses and score multipliers with every pass through the wringer!

Try avoiding Patrick while collecting the toxic waste. Your starfish friend is a little slow and likes talking a lot. If you run into him, he will slow you down, so make sure you don't cross paths! You can easily distract him by clicking on the mirror on the ground! He will stick to one place for a few moments and leave you alone.

When walking around, you can collect delicious fruit smoothies and gain an energy boost. It will make you move faster for a limited time and help you complete the challenge!

Are you ready to save the little town of Bikini Bottom from toxic doom? Soak it up!