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Prepare for an intense bowling tournament in the Nickelodeon Lanes game! Join Spongebob and his friends, choose your ball, and strike down all the pins!

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Do you enjoy playing bowling with your friends? Today, Spongebob and the other cartoon heroes are inviting you to a tournament in the Nickelodeon Lanes game! Join your buddies from The Loud House, The Casagrandes, It's Pony, and many others, and aim for the highest score! Only the best bowler will win the championship!

In this catchy arcade game, you will get to show off your amazing bowling skills! Pick a ball, choose a lane, and get ready to take all the pins down. However, remember that the floor can be slippery, so you have to control the movement even when the ball is rolling! Are you confident you can earn first place?

How to Play

Get ready to knock down all the pins! For this challenge, all you will need is your mouse. Click on the screen, then drag your cursor to the left or right to position the ball. Once you're ready, aim forward, and let go, then tap on either side of the lane to control the movement!

Are you going to play by yourself or against a friend? The most important choice comes right from the beginning because you have to pick a mode for the game. You can choose between the League or the more casual Free Play. No matter what your option is, you will surely have a great time!

You can also customize your ball to your liking by choosing from a wide selection inspired by your favorite Nickelodeon characters. After that, just pick a place for the tournament! Will you play in the Louds' house, or will you join Spongebob at the Chum Bucket? You can even select a style for the obstacle course, from straight to more difficult curved patterns!

Each lane consists of five frames and two chances to knock down the pins each time. If you manage to hit them all in one shot, that's a strike, and you will earn the highest score possible! If not, you can also you can get extra points by hitting a spare.

However, don't get discouraged if you can't take down all the pins from the first try. Your skills will keep improving as you play!

What else you should know

You will notice that some of the options at the beginning of the game are not available. However, if you're a skilled player, you can unlock them by earning a high score! Just aim for three stars at the end of each lane, and see what prizes you can obtain!

A tournament is never easy, so the lanes will sometimes be filled with obstacles! Whether it's slippery burger grease or trash, you have to control your movement as closely as possible.

Would you like to see an exciting surprise? Then pick up some power-ups on your way, and see what kinds of boosts you can earn!

Well, what are you waiting for? Your Nickelodeon friends are ready to begin the championship! Only the best bowling player shall win!