Destroy Earth(Or Not)

Protect Earth against Dark Laser's evil intentions in the Destroy Earth(Or Not) game! Can you defend the big red button by destroying a ton of robots?

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About Destroy Earth(Or Not) Game

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Embark on a spaceship filled with evil robots in the Destroy Earth(Or Not) game! You'll arrive in the middle of a heated battle where the faith of Earth is at stake. Dark Laser is an infamous space villain. Can you believe that Laser tried to turn Timmy Turner to the dark side?

To convince him, he even gave him dark powers. Surely, it was a close call, but Timmy managed to resist the temptation. Now, it's up to him, Poof, Wanda, and Cosmo to protect Earth!

The game consists of a defense challenge, where your job is to stop the advance of the robots. Use Timmy's newfound powers, as well as the help of his friends, to save Earth... or not!

How to Play

Aren't you excited to try some of Timmy's new powers? Use the Left and Righ arrow keys to switch between Timmy's four abilities. They allow you to throw, punch, slam or perform a special move.

Once you have decided, click and drag any foe to subject them to your powers. The goal is to deplete their health bar before they can reach the big red button behind Timmy. Can you take all of them down?

Keep in mind that some abilities might have a cooldown time! Therefore, you have to plan your sequence of moves accordingly. Besides, if you want to slam down many opponents at once, you should keep an eye out for special items. Pick up dark energy orbs to load up powerful attacks. Can you keep up?

What else you should know

Don't worry! You'll enjoy the help of Wanda, Cosmo, and Puff. Every once in a while, they'll show up as robots and help you take down your foes. Click and drag to move them to an advantageous position! If one of the foes touches your pals, they'll have to leave the battlefield. Therefore, try to protect them at all costs!

Each wave of enemies will bring new challenges to our unlikely team of space heroes. Every time a new enemy walks in, it's up to you to find the right strategy to keep him at bay and protect Earth. How long can you last in this battle against the Minion-Bots and the Magno-Bots? There's only one way to find out!