Yugopotamia Mania

Play the Yugopotamia Mania game and help Timmy Turner recover all the stolen nickles from the alien warriors! Do you think you can collect them all?

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About Yugopotamia Mania Game

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The Yugopotamians have stolen Earth's nickel supply in the Yugopotamia Mania game! Do you think you can help Timmy Turner collect them all and get back home? Let's get you ready for a galactic adventure! The faith of Earth's nickles is in your hands!

Your role is to keep Timmy safe from all the aliens while he collects all the coins! Remember that this is a stealth mission, so try and keep a low profile. Come on! Let's meet up with Timmy and ruin the Yugopotamian's plan!

How to Play

You only need your Arrow keys to guide Timmy and help him gather as many nickles as possible. Watch out for the laser panels, trap doors, and the guards that will try to stop you.

If an encounter with a Yugopotamian is imminent, press the Spacebar to use the items on the way to make them disappear. They hate chocolate, teddy bears, and flowers!

After picking up all the nickles, you will have to find the exit! At first, the door will be closed, and you will need to find the Blast Key to open it up. Don't worry! It's not hard to miss. The key shines bright yellow, so it's easy to recognize. Just search the map until you find it!

What else you should know

Don't get hit, and hurry up! For every stage, you will have a specific time to clear it. If this runs out, you will lose and have to start all over!

Also, if the guards catch you or you get trapped, you will lose your health points! If all three run out, it's game over!

After every round, you will be able to see your progress. If you want to beat your high score, start over! 

Are you ready for this intergalactic adventure? Do you think you can recover all the nickels and get them back to Earth? Let's put on your space suit and hurry up to Timmy! There is no time to waste!